Hawaii Practitioner/Pharmacist Query Site

The Hawaii Prescription Drug Monitoring Program (HI PDMP) is Hawaii’s solution for monitoring Schedule II-V controlled substances dispensed in Hawaii. Hawaii Revised Statutes (HRS), Chapter 329, Part VIII, Electronic Prescription Accountability System requires the Hawaii Narcotics Enforcement Division to establish and maintain an electronic controlled substances prescription database for the reporting of dispensed prescriptions for all Schedule II-V controlled substances under federal law.

This program was created to improve patient care and foster the goal of reducing misuse, abuse, and diversion of controlled substances; and to encourage cooperation and coordination among state, local, and federal agencies and other states to reduce the misuse, abuse, and diversion of controlled substances.

The Hawaii Narcotics Enforcement Division grants system access to practitioners and pharmacists so that they may look up, view and print controlled substance dispensing information on their specific patients directly via user name and password.